Things to note before buying a Ultrabook.

If you are thinking of changing your laptop, then you should opt for Ultrabook which has best design with its sleek, slim and light body, better performance and a very good battery life especially for travelers. Intel came up with the concept of Ultrabook in which it encouraged hardware manufacturers like HP, Dell, Asus etc […]

Telegram is a WhatsApp clone but secure, free and cloud based

Social messaging apps has replaced traditional use of SMS’s (Short messaging services). Telegram is another messenger app which is similar to WhatsApp and Line. When used in Android device it works same as WhatsApp but has various additional features. Telegram is an open source, secure and absolutely free application which is available in Android, iPhone […]

Celebrate festive season with Adaptxt Christmas keyboard

With Christmas bells and rings, it’s all about making this festive season more vibrant. The impact of Santa, gifts, and things around makes you more expressive, engaged and impulse towards Christmas. This time Adaptxt has come up with brilliant Christmas theme for their keyboard application to make their user’s experience more better this Christmas. Related […]

In pursuit of great sound quality – Sennheiser HD 202 review

Sennheiser, with it’s tag line ‘In pursuit of perfect sound’ has launched a range of good products, one of which is the HD 202. These are closed, dynamic high fidelity stereo headphones. They not only have good insulation against ambient noise, but also a deep bass response, which makes them the ideal companion for DJs, […]

How to open last closed tab in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer?

Many times when the browsers are closed unintentionally we lost all the closed tab, which were useful. The last open tabs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE can be retrieved either by checking the history of the visited sites or by default all the tabs getting opened while opening the browser. In this blog […]