What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)_buggingwebAmazon Web Services is a part of Amazon.com which provides web services remotely to the various users in different levels. AWS is a major player in Cloud Computing and gives a tight competition to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMWare and RackSpace. Offering the top services like IaaS(Infrastructure as a service), PaaS(Platform as a service), NaaS(Network as a service) and SaaS(Software as a service) which works remotely.

AWS is very popular for cloud computing technology where in startups, entrepreneurs and companies who can get affordable and fast services with the technical support from Amazon. The only reason to use AWS is because of affordable and reliable service than placing a physical server which helps in reducing the cost in building and setting up the server at their end. Many top companies are using it like Reddit, Expedia, Pinterest, Dropbox, Foursquare, Adobe Systems, Scribd and many more.

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The billing of the AWS is on pay per usage basis which means one needs to pay only for the time one has used Amazon services. There are various parameters assigned on which it is measured, and these days due to various competition, it comes at an affordable price. Apart from that,  AWS also offer services for free which is counted under AWS free tier plans but has limited resources. All services are billed based on usage, but how usage is measured for billing varies from service to service.

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To manage the servers AWS has placed their server in 10 locations which includes US East (Northern Virginia), where the majority of AWS servers are based, US West (northern California), US West (Oregon), Brazil (São Paulo), Europe (Ireland), South Asia (Singapore), East Asia (Tokyo), China (Beijing) and Australia (Sydney).  AWS also offers GovCloud for U.S. government customers and this is based in Northwestern U.S. All of the data and services stay within the designated region within a single country.

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To avoid downtime and service outages each Region has multiple Availability Zones which are similar AWS services. Several AW services like S3, DynamoDB operate with Availability Zones and other services can also be configured according to the need and services can be cloned on demand.

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