Google bringing experts more closer to users who want to learn. Google Helpouts is a marketplace where you can search for experts who can teach and help you in the areas you need help. This marketplace is divided into categories like Art and Music, Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Education and Careers, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Health, Home and Garden. You can get online support from others for free or at a specific fee.

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Google Helpouts is integrated with Google+ Hangouts for live support, Youtube for a trials for uploaded services offered, Google Wallet for money transaction. By this Google is also boosting up its services. Google will charge 20 percent of the money made on each sessions as a transactional fees, except for Helpouts related to health care.

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When you need any help you can search in Google Helpouts for solutions. Users can choose services on the basis of ratings, availability, price, reviews and qualifications. On the other hand, providers can get the services verified to be authentic in the marketplace. Service providers can even decide a price for their services, they can offer it for free or at charge per minute basis or a flat rate for an entire session.


With the ongoing Google Helpouts sessions on Google+ Hangout, users can share the screens, provide comments and feedback to the expert. If the expert is 5 minutes late to start the session, then the session will be free of cost or if you are not satisfied with the session done Google guarantees a money back as a refund which will be done in 72hrs of the end of the Helpout. Helpouts will also support with Android devices for better support and help. To fight with pornography in live session, Google has options to report abuse and end the session immediately and according to the Helpouts support Customers must be 13 years of age or older to use Helpouts and providers must be 18 years or older to give help on Helpouts.

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Being a service from Google, it’s a good initiative to bring real users closer to real experts for real problems and solutions. But there are similar services like Youtube how to videos, Yahoo Answers and lot of forums available which make Google Helpouts still in the beta phase. I am sure it add more options to attract Google’s user base.

Google often comes up with lot of money-making strategies like Google Ads this can be considered as one of those, but interesting part is that Google services also adds involvement of its users which makes Google services and products more popular.

Google Helpouts is the next new option to reach to your audience if you profession involves blogging, teaching, SEO, cooking, tech support, entrepreneurship or any kind of expertise.

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