Recently, Google completed 15 years of its Google Search and updated its search algorithm for better search results. With the new updated search features you can reach your search results more easily and faster. Google aims to bring more cleaner and safer browsing experience for its users. The new updated SEO(Search Engine Optimization) algorithm called HummingBird is focused on better and quick search results. Other search algorithms like Google Panda and Penguin removes most of the spam content from Internet search, but HummingBird SEO algorithm gives more precise search results.

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Things to know about Google HummingBird for better SEO_1_buggingweb

If your business relies on others Google searches then you should keep few points in mind to get maximum organic search views on your page. HummingBird SEO update makes many changes in the way Google searches the content on web. Google search results matter for your business as it is the most popular search engine in the world.

In what ways HummingBird SEO helps?

Speed in complex queries: Many users use Google advance search for complex queries. When you do such search in Google the performed time to get the required search becomes slow. The complex queries looks something like this “prism” intext:”censorship” filetype:pdf in Google search bar. New updated algorithm helps to provide quick search response while getting the services you need.

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Search a Phrase: Keywords still play an important role in the search engine to reach your web page. But with the updated version of HummingBird algorithm, Google can now understand the entire phrase than picking one or two keywords from the searched query to give the required search result.

Voice based search: This feature is mostly used by smart phone users. Google can recognize your voice and convert it into text and search the web. This update is primarily focused on mobile based voice search. The added one touch Google search makes the best easy way to do the web look up. With popularity in mobile phone market, more importance is given to Mobile searches.

Deep content search: With better indexing on the content added to the web, Google search is able to do in-depth content search. Mostly used for web-based research and analysis. Google give you relevant search results by knowing the location and with context of other data searches. Google understands what you want and gives results accordingly.

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Knowledge graph: This helps you get a snapshot of the Google search you do. If the search matches the appropriate result you can further search on the same phrase and gather more information.

Things to know about Google HummingBird for better SEO_buggingweb

Google Plus as primary channel: to do social networking and social media marketing. Google gives you search results based on the preferred searches done by your friends added in your Google Plus circles. This simply means that if you are added in my circle, you will get my search result for which I recommend others based on Google +1s I have given on the site and shared for the common search query.

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Bottom line is that Content rules the web, if you have good content then search engines will land up their results in your web page. Whenever you search the web you reach to pages only with better content. Keep your content simple and understandable, to get more business and to stay in the business.