Google today launched Web Designer tool to bring to more of HTML5 content all over Internet. This application is free to use and brings more of your creative content in HTML5. The primary intention to bring Google Web Designer tool is to bring more of HTML5 ad content in Google services and removing Flash. According to Google, Flash will be removed in coming two years.

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From now, Google has given a platform to its advertisers to make and edit their own ad content by themselves with a full customization option. This will also help to check the content in the cross-platform environment as seen on mobile and tablets.

Google Web Designer enables you to:

  1. Create animated HTML5 creative, with a robust, yet intuitive set of design tools.

  2. View and edit the code behind your designs and see your edits reflected back on the stage automatically.

  3. Build ad creatives seamlessly for DoubleClick and AdMob, or publish them to any generic environment you choose.

  4. Receive updates to the product automatically, without having to re-download the application.

  5. Access all of this entirely for free.

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With the integration of DoubleClick Studio Layouts for HTML5, ads can be prepared in minutes as you can easily specify the need and size of the ad you wish to create. With the piece of your own code in Javascript and CSS, Google Web Designer visual tool helps you to create your own creative content with set of inbuilt components for galleries, maps and embedded YouTube videos. It also has Pen tool for free drawing of objects and contents. You can even add 3D designs and also supports a 3D view of the things you make in the Google Web Designer tool.


With the community support you can even clarify things you are finding issues. Google Web Designer is available for download in both Mac and Windows.