Facebook has finally launched it’s embedded posts across it’s universe. In other words, the embedding option is available for everyone and not just beta test and launch partners who had access since announcement of the feature in July.

Facebook embedded post
Public posts can now be embedded directly from Facebook, with the embed post option on the top right of the post.











With the entry of embedded posts, any person or entity, including third party websites and apps, can embed a public Facebook post directly to their website, personal blogs, forums, etc. A user will find the embed code of a post. Users can find the line of code needed to embed a post or video by clicking on the arrow in the post’s upper right-hand corner.

Getting the embed code
The embed code pops up once the option is clicked. All that needs to be done is copy ans paste the code in the website post.
















Facebook had originaly rolled out the feature for big-shots of content industry like Mashable, CNN and Huffington Post. Feedbacks helped Facebook in reducing the width of embedded posts on mobile devices for better accommodation on the phone screen, according to a post on Facebook blog. Once the teams curated the feedback and made amendments, the feature was made live to all.