firefox_logo_buggingwebAs the Internet is growing with new development, it is killing your privacy. Users visit many websites while surfing online, and every website is linked with another which makes a possibility of using data on various sites. This helps other companies to track you, which can help them to share their products with you more easily in the form of advertisements. Even government agencies can keep a track on you with the help of tracking cookies. Mostly browsers are owned by major Tech companies like Chrome by Google and Internet Explorer by Microsoft, but Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser this makes it more flexible among users as Firefox is not ruled by any company.

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To auto delete these cookies you can install Self Destructive Cookies extension to your Mozilla Firefox application. This application targets for better privacy of the users. Self Destructive Cookies helps to eliminate cookies which is no longer used by the browser. This auto removal option helps to delete the cookies which tracks your hobbies, most frequent searches, searched products or services and all the tracking cookies.

Self destructive cookies for better privacy in Mozilla Firefox_1_buggingweb

Self Destructing Cookies extension shows number of cookies being disabled. You can even suspend the plugin and undelete cookies if you think you need to keep the cookies. Defend yourself from all the cache based cookies  black-hat techniques used by Internet marketers. This plugin helps to keep your cache and cookies clean on your Mozilla Firefox browser. For better use of this plugin, you can add websites to the safelist if you want to keep the cookies of that specific site. By adding the site to whitelist, the cookies and LocalStorage keep without an active tab in the Firefox cookie exception list. This plugin works similar to Adblock and Ghostery.

Self destructive cookies for better privacy in Mozilla Firefox_buggingweb

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You can install the Self Destructing Cookies and also visit the extensions page. I hope this will help you to clean your tracking cookies and maintain your online privacy. Other than that there is an option of Private browsing which you can use by opening a New Private Browsing Tab, but will not have your browsing history and also won’t be saving any browsing cookies. If you are not using Mozilla Firefox you should give it a try.

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