From past few months, I am not able to figure out why are the best used services being shut down from the parent companies. Recently Google Reader services was also stopped by Google, and it was very useful service which was used by many. But according to the Google, it was planning to close Google Reader from 2008 which was stretched till early of 2013. On March, Twitter announced to shut TweetDeck by 7th May 2013.

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The way Twitter has touched social networking with micro-blogging, many of us are addicted to use the service. You can post your status and thoughts which come to your minds randomly, but in Facebook you can’t do so frequently. This makes Twitter more addictive and conversant with other users be friends with people around the world. Facebook keeps us more bundled with our friends.

The alternative which I found for TweetDeck are:

Janetter (Windows Desktop, Mac, Android): it is the best alternative for TweetDeck but without Facebook integration. You can get the full column feel with Janetter, like used in TweetDeck. You can even add multiple Twitter accounts in it and it gives an option to select and tweet from configured multiple accounts. You can change-up to 27 themes according to your wish. Janetter also updates very quickly to keeps you posted with recent updates.

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Tweetings (Android, iPhone, iPad): Supports large screen with panes. It is integrated with picture uploading to Twitpic and Gives an option to add multiple Twitter accounts, also reconnect automatically when it fails to tweet.

Sobees (Windows, iPad apps): This is nice tool, which supports cross-platform installation. You can integrate Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile in Sobees. This is very similar tool to TweetDeck. If you are into social media marketing you will need to add multiple account and I would recommend you to use Sobees as your clients account can be easily managed with this application.

MetroTwit (Windows): This Twitter application is made only for Windows Desktop. It also support Windows 8 platform and works with Desktop tile while updating tweets, you can even pin different columns in the tile and see the updates from other users. You can view saved searches and hashtags, I would recommend this application for Windows 8 users.

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Hootsuite (Web browser):  It a very good browser-based tool, which gives you an option to post your updates to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. You can add multiple account that include Twitter accounts, Facebook and Google Pages. You can schedule all your posts to all three portals and keep your audience engaged. It also gives Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions which helps to schedule or tweet directly from the browser. The premium account also gives an analytical tools to get the full statistical report of your online usage. For better understanding of Social Media, Hootsuite has also started of with its own Hootsuite University in which it gives a full knowledge of its tools and to get more closer to terms related to Social Media

Apart from that, Twitter will be more focusing on web-based application and Google Chrome extensions. TweetDeck for chrome will be working well and may add new feature in coming time.

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