There are many times you feel handicapped when it comes to transfer files from one device to another, especially when you are trying to transfer files from a phone or a tablet. In this post I would be preferring Android 4 and above versions only, as it will not work on previous versions of Android.

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Normally when you have to transfer any files, you have to look out for many options which will work best for you. There may be situations you are hanging out with your friends and have taken many clicks and want to share with a friend. At that time you can either transfer the files via USB or send files attached in mails but then, the mail services give a restriction to the send limit of the file. In Gmail you can send file upto 25MB, which is similar to other providers also like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

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Otherwise best option which I normally do is to send the files via file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync. This makes easy file transfer but the problem with this method is that you need to have a good data plans from your ISP(Internet service providers). It may take time to download the app and signing in, then you need to upload the data to the cloud storage provided by the application and other user may download the files which will take too much of time according the speed provided by the ISP. But this may cost you as per your data plan. Bluetooth is another way but when it comes to huge sized file transfer of files is very slow.

In such a scenario, best way is to transfer huge files in Android OS is that you can use Wi-fi option on your phone and every smart phone has it. Right now I didn’t found any application which support cross-platform options, so sharing the easiest way found. As you may have visited Android market for apps download, its searches are same as Google searches. It also gives many combination for your searches.

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There are two options to transfer files in Android.
  • Both the devices need to be in the same Wi-fi network, which connects with the help of Wi-fi file transfer application available on Android Market.
  • This will be problem when both the devices are not available on the same Wi-Fi network, so you need a Wi-fi Direct technology. This will directly transfer the files fast. Wi-fi Shoot Wi-fi Direct app can easily downloadable from Android Market.

Note: Your phone must be having an Andorid 4.1+ version. Wi-fi Direct technology may not work on all the phones as it follows some standards.

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