Sometimes, while working on excel, we need to calculate the number of characters in an excel (Twitter updates’ managers, are you listening?) . Here’s a small trick that will help you count the number of characters in a call.

While entering details in an excel, make a new column of character count.

In the top most cell under the column ‘Character count’ , write the code “=len(cellnumber)

This code will give you a count of the characters that have been used in the particular cell. You need to enter the cell number of the cell which contains your update.

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For example, if you have cell D21 as the one which contains your text (Column D, Row 21), then your code will be “=len(D21)”

Use the same code in all the cells in the same column to get the number of characters in the desired cells.

Note: Through this, characters of only the cell specified will be automatically counted and  we will have to specify the number of cells in the code to count characters in more than one cell.

Steps to count the number of characters in a cell?

1: Select a cell where you want to calculate the number of characters.

Step 1












2: Press F2 and write the code =len(cellnumber)

Step - 2













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3: Press Enter

Step - 3












4: Click on the cell and drag the pointer down to select all the other cells. throgh this, the code gets copied to the subsequent cells with the corresponding content cells.

Step - 4













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And you are done 🙂

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