Twitter is the best social media platform to share your status and even to get real-time updates. Twitter can also be considered as the best knowledge sharing platforms. The content and data moving on Twitter might be in text format, but much effective and quality content when it comes to data sharing. The data which moves on Twitter is the most updated and real-time, you can get the most recent news, status updates, views from various brands or can be up to date.

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What is all new in Twitter?

CashTags: Twitter recently introduced CashTags, which helps you to get a news and stock updates. You can keep a track on various companies stock by simply prefixing a “$” symbol on company stock symbols like $GOOG, $AAPL, $FB, $GE etc. CashTags works same as Hashtags. When clicked on CashTags it will show you stock tweets.

$AAPL at all time highs, $GOOG at 52 week highs this is what bull markets look like.
— Steve Burns (@SJosephBurns) September 21, 2012
$GOOG maps in Mexico got me from one fabulous bar to another in San Miguel de Allende. Nice picture of my house, too!
— Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) September 21, 2012

Tweet updated device details: While using Twitter on web you will notice that when clicked on the tweets from other users, earlier Twitter use to give information from which application or device is the status updated, but from past few days it gives you an option to expand the tweet status. While clicking on details it gives you the option to embed the tweet.

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Embed Tweet: This option allows you to add tweet to your site as an active tweet than an image. You can also click on the link or the profile and this helps you to follow the user or retweet the post directly from the embedded post on the blog or website. This makes your post and the tweet more interactive for the reader.

ME tab on the bar: Added recently a ME tab on the bar next to #Discover tab. By adding ME tab it is very easily to check out your own profile other than clicking on the DP(display picture) again and again to view your profile page.

New profile design:  Twitter recently introduced new profile page design for all the users. This can help many brands, celebrities and even regular users to show their profile in different design. To get the actual view of the design you need to check the design in an iPad. If you want to know how can you activate your new Twitter profile design, please check the video below.

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Twitter is good social media site and if you have not yet started with it, I recommend you be the part of social media and share your voice among all.

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