You might use Google Maps when you travel as it gives an option to look out for alternative routes and make you reach the destination more easily. Google Maps has touched many of our lives whenever we are confused of the correct routes, let it be before leaving the homes and office or standing alone in a junction.

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This time Google has made their user’s life more easier by updating the Google Maps. New features have been added to Google Maps as they provide Navigation and live traffic reports. This is a real-time feature which gets updated regularly. Such features were really needed in our real life. With the help of Internet availability you can use the Navigation option in your smartphone. For this you should have an Android 2.2 or later versions to check in your smartphone or tablet.

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Routes are now easy to navigate with the use Google Maps. The traffic updates are also live which gives you the current status of the roads. These real-time updates saves a lot of your time as the traffic data is updated every time you refresh. You can even customize it as it gives you an option to check the regular days traffic which is recorded by Google Maps.

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When you start using the Google Map feature more frequently, you will notice the Google Map Maker. This helps you to add or edit new places, roads and can even comment by reviewing the place. This feature makes the Google Maps more interactive. Google is now giving traffic updates in India and that too in major cities which includes Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad. This also includes the nearby cities.

These were few helpful updates on Google Maps. This updates may not be live in all countries. Being an Indian, I am using the services as Google has recently started with such services recently.

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