When it comes to Social Networking you all are very well aware of which is the best sites or web app to use and be more interactive with your friends and family. But the professional networking is not same as social networking. When interacting with others you are many times more casual about the networking process you deal in, this may end up in very casual behaviour with other professionals.

So this time, ApnaCircle has revamp itself and brought many user-friendly features. ApnaCircle has primarily focused on the professional needs of the user and made the UX and UI accordingly. Few years back, in 2006 when  ApnaCircle started its journey they were leading the race of Professional Networking sites in India. They worked well and boosted up the concept of Indian network business in India. Later, in 2009 they merged up with Viadeo and Tianji and became the second largest professional networking site with the user base of 45 millions around the world. This made ApnaCircle to move its technical platform from Asp.NET to Java platform and shifted to Opensource database MySql.

Features added to the new User Interface.

Business Cards: This concept of Business cards is very cool. After all when you are into the world of professional, the things which matters is the Business Cards. This card has a full detailed information about your current profession. This can be your Identity in virtual world of professional networking. It provides two card options to share that is Business and Personal.

Career Visualizer: This option gives us very easy and understandable view of the career growth of the user. This part is also divided into academic part which is highlighted with grey color and professional part highlighted in an orange color. As visual graphics are much more easier to grasp the information.

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My Activity Tab: This tab gives you the personalised view of the activity done by you. The Like button in LinkedIn and Facebook, is replaced by Interesting button. When clicked on it, other users connected to your profile can view the things which interests you the most.

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Ad Free: The best part which I personally felt good is that, ApnaCircle is ad free. You will not find any promotional ad on the site, from ApnaCircle. You can manually create your ad and add it to ApnaCircle ads column with no additional cost. This gives you option to promote your business among others which can be done geographically. Other users on the other hand can specify the search requirement and look for the customized search results. I am not sure till what time it will be the free. But, definitely in comparison to other business networking sites it has no ads.

User Interface: is much cleaner than expected. When I started using ApnaCircle I liked the user interface as I think it is designed with the idea of sharing and networking purpose only. The interface is not so complexed by ads, pop ups or any other third-party apps. The user can understand the option very easily than searching for it or looking for alternative.

Engage Tab: This tab is only focused on the options which will keep you engaged. This tab has options like Groups, Ads, Events, Blog, Questions. Each option has its own functionality like you can make your own small community of users with same interests in Groups, can arrange Events and meet up on ApnaCircle, add your Blog to its directory, post your Ads and ask public questions.

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Job search: also adds an education search which gives you brief idea about the courses and sessions you can join. In jobs search it will directly get it connected to the company or get it down via job search engine.

Navigation Tabs: this gives you more precise ApnaCircle updates. This navigation tab shows the activities going on. All tab shows the ongoing things happening in ApnaCircle and My Network tab shows the activity in your connections. The Smart Tab shows you the things which may interest you from various user of your profile and Group Tab shows subscribed group activities.

Recent Visitors: Shows the recently visited user who viewed your profile instantly. You can also send free text SMS to the users connected to your profile and have added their mobile numbers.

Things which needs to be improved:

  • The job search is from the same search portal from where LinkedIn also maps its searches that is SimplyHired.
  • More app support to be added to connect ApnaCircle with different platforms.

I hope you will visit ApnaCircle and make sure you try the maximum options available. Do not forget to drop a comment if I missed anything.

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