When you start using PDF(Portable Document Format), you will notice that editing PDF files is not that easy. There are many restrictions which can be observed when you start working on PDF files regularly. The best part of PDF files is that it is a fixed layout flat document which gathers all the text, fonts, graphics and all the information of the file into a single layer which restricts its formatting. So this makes PDF a unique format from others.

When you think of PDF files you have Adobe as a primary software to use it, but have many alternatives like Foxit reader, Nitro and many more are also available in the market to view and edit the files. Mostly when you try to edit a PDF file, free version asks you to get a paid software version. Whether its Adobe or any other, only professional softwares offer such options so that you can do some editing.

 There are free softwares also, which allow the use of maximum tools to edit and get you a better experience with PDF files. There is a software called PDFill which helps you to edit PDF in much simple way. Recently, my colleague asked for such a software which made me write about this topic.

 Follow the steps to download and use it.

  1. You need to download the Ghost file and install it before using PDFill.
  2. Once you have installed the Ghost files it’s time to download PDFill by clicking here.
  3. While installing PDFill it may ask you to place “word to PDF button” on your Microsoft office edition. Press yes to add the button which will be useful for you to directly make the PDF file of your word document.
  4. Once Ghost file and PDFill are installed properly, you can start using it.
  5. You need to Click on Start button >  All Programs > PDFill > PDFill PDF tools(free).
  6. This will open up a pop up with many options as shown in the figure.


What can these options do?

  1. Merge PDF files: helps you to add one or more files and make a single PDF document.

  2. Split or Reorder Pages: You can easily extract the page which are not needed and even reorder to a single document.

  3. Encrypt or Decrypt Pages: You can password protect your document with this option. You can even add restrictions to print, copy or any other editing.

  4. Rotate or Crop PDF Pages: Rotate the pages and crop the document in viewable or printable format.

  5. Reformat multiple Pages: Can use the document in handout form.

  6. Add Header and Footer: Helps you to add date, heading or any other information to the header and footer of the document.

  7. Add Watermark by Text: Add a text watermark for your PDF file.

  8. Add Watermark by Image: You can even add Image Watermark to PDF.

  9. Convert Images to PDF: This option helps you to convert Images to PDF and the supported formats are BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF.

  10. Convert PDF to Image: Same way you can convert PDF to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF formats.

  11. PDF form field Operations: In the PDF file you can delete or flatten the forms.

  12. Convert Postscript to PDF: Get Postscripts to PDF format make viewable in reader.

  13. Add PDF Information: Can add information like author details, version names, give titles and more.

  14. Scan into Image or PDF: Directly add images to the PDF format files.

  15. Create Transparent Image: Add and define transparency levels to Images in the file.

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