When you search the web you will come across many types and ways to host your websites, web applications or your blog. But I have noticed that many of us get confused while hosting a web service because when you check out various plans you will have a lot of options which is offered only for you. This may end up purchasing a costly plan without actually knowing the kind of services web hosting company is offering.

Types of web hosting services:

Free web hosting: I know many us like the things when Free is added with a service. In such a hosting, company offers free service for a either a limited time period or you will be bearing the cost of the running servers by placing the ads on your web sites. So, I strongly do not prefer you to use free hosting services.

Shared web hosting: in this type of service, the web service provider has assigned a server which has many web sites running on it. It is very cost-effective method as you will be sharing the services with others who have hosted their web sites on the same server. The service provider allocates the disk space quota and the bandwidth limit to each site running on the same server. This has an advantages like if one website is down all other shared sites which is running on the same servers will be affected so the web space provider has better option to recover the server soon with less downtime.

Reseller hosting: In this hosting resellers deals with the customers who need the web services. So there is one more level added between you and the web service provider. The web service provider would have assigned a control panel to the reseller who manages your web site hosting. The reseller has got the privileges to assign the disk quota and bandwidth limit on the hosted website. I do not recommend to use reseller hosting as the resellers gives fewer options and are mostly more expensive than the actual hosting providers plans.

Dedicated servers: You are getting a dedicated server to host your service which simply means that you are taking a dedicated server from a web hosting provider on lease. This is a costly option and should be taken by only those who can incur the server cost. The down time is very low. All the administrative privileges will be given to you and you can customize all the server options according to you.

VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting: In VPS hosting, the web server provider has a high-end servers which is shared by allocating the quota for Read Access memory and CPU usage. With the use of softwares like Hyper V, VMWare, Oracle Virtualbox web server providers installs a dedicated OS(Operating System) for you and shares server hardware resources. VPS hosting provides a real slice of dedicated server in a shared platform.

Cloud Hosting: This hosting makes the you more reliable, scalable and powerful. In cloud hosting, web service provider have load balancing, clustering and mirroring done with their servers. So, even if one server is down the service can be retained with another server. The server is also placed at various parts of the world, which gives effective service for the request made from different parts of the world. Mostly, it is used for hosting SAAS(Software as a Service) applications. This is costly as compared to others but you get the maximum performance with it.

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