SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is something which is needed to get the maximum popularity for your website among others. But it does not mean that you have to be obsessed about your blog or website stats every time. Looking at the hits and the tracking analytical part of the pages won’t get more hits.

I understand that, measuring the metrics of your blog or website is very important for us. To get appropriate ranking for your blogs or websites adds a social influence and a good break especially when it is a startup, which is not all. The social presence mainly depends on the quality of the content. Think of such a situation, in which reader lands into your site or blog which do not have any useful content than promotional ads.


Try avoiding few analysing practices which soaks your time and end up getting nothing, and I must say that your blog or site is worth much more than these predictions and figures. Figures are there to get you a rough idea about the your online status.

Alexa Ranking – This is something which bloggers and various site webmasters check again and again. I still don’t think that checking this tool would increase your ranking. I have often heard that users gain ranking in checking the Alexa by extension or plugin added to their browsers. But you need to understand, Alexa do not have a search engine of its own where your audience search. You should only concentrate on the places where you find maximum audience.

Toolbar Ranking – There are various toolbars available for your browsers, so users mostly focus on the best analytical tool bars which focuses on giving the site stats. Which also includes the most familiar Google Pagerank and Alexa Ranking. The Google and various other search engines have their ways of making your blog or sites to add up in their indexing processes. The algorithm which these search engines are very interesting which may or may not get attracted to your content. But if your content undoubtedly has a great quality no other options can change the reader’s mind from visiting your site.


Social media referral – things like Google plus updates, Facebook likes and Twitter retweets matters, but it is only good know how much information about your site or blog is circulated among others. Is it reaching the exact audience also matters! Getting 50 likes and 100 retweets won’t increase your pagerank. So you should act wisely by making these things in mind. Google, Bing and Yahoo search may be catching the social sharing of your sites but it often works like a viral you need not track the social markings for page often and then.

Get Top 50 ranking – There are many ways of measuring things. Few blogger and webmasters update their sites to get ranked in top 50 searches. Even if the content and the Topic may be different but because of the keyword stuffing done in the articles the web result shows your post. Which may be useful for few days but I may suggest you not to do that as the search engine algorithm changes frequently and this bring a sudden fall for the site tracks. The organic searches have to reach its real destiny, the article on which reader is looking for!

Daily and Unique visitors – in the initial stages you may not get lot of hits and a good stats. The unique visitor should also come to your site daily if the reader like your unique way of presenting the topics. With the daily visits stats you can get a rough idea of the stats the website is opened in other browsers. If you check the stats from the web hosting provider then you will not get exact stats as the stats boost up even if you frequently update a file in your site. As a suggestion, make few strategy and focus to write and update your sites on such topics so that your unique visitor become your daily visitor.

Social presence – there are few sites which rank you as a brand when it comes to making your presence digitally. The sites like Klout and PeerIndex, gives you and others a rough idea of your social presence. But the factors these sites look at is the frequent Twitter updates and retweet with Facebook likes and shares. The best part to notice that is when you add up all your social sharing account with these sites it will check your updates liked by various audience in different platform. This will not increase your social presence until you interact than sharing the same update or message in Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Rather than focusing on such things I would suggest you to optimize your website well. Monitoring is important as the Internet is vast and you can’t say from where you are getting maximum advantages. So try focusing on the things which seems well for your blog or site. There is no meaning to spend lot of time in getting few stats without much further use.

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