Google gave the example of what it is trying to focus with its future Project Glass. This was presented by Google co-founder Sergey Brin and initiated the Project Glass team for this fun experiment. Well trained Skydrivers were connected to Sergey and had realtime conversations with Google Plus Hangout in the air.

Check out the actual concept of Google Project Glass.

Who missed the real action, can get the vibe of the what they actually missed. This Google Project Glass Skydrivers demo was done above the Moscone Center in San Francisco were the Google IO 2012 was taking place. The full action was captured with Google Project Glasses which Skydrivers were wearing and was live telecast for the audience. Once they landed safely they entered the stage directly.

Google IO is still live. This video is just a demo to show how the efforts were put in, to give a live feel for the audience. Watch out the space to stay updated with the actual shot captured at Google IO.

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