Most of us have faced this situation while surfing, few websites have been blocked. The site has been blocked in particular region, schools, offices or in larger sense you won’t be able to open that particular website when your country has decided to block those few websites.

You should understand there is a difference in bringing the website down and blocking the website from users for accessing it. Bringing the website down might have various reasons as it has been doing some illegal activity or might be working against some government rules. When you say the website has been blocked that means the website is still working in some other locations and is temporarily blocked with or without a notification.

To block such websites, government orders the ISP(Internet Service Providers) to stop showing few websites to the users. It can be a name or keywords based. Being an Indian blogger, last time I remember Facebook was blocked because government was concerned of the status messages being updated by various users. Mostly when new movie is released many file sharing websites have been blocked along with all the torrent websites to stop piracy.

Using of the proxy websites is a solution, but I do not suggest you to use the proxy websites as it is not that secure. When you are sharing your login credentials, you expect them to be safe.

So now in such a scenario, how could you open a blocked websites? There are very easy steps to access the website if it is blocked in your region other than the website is brought down. ISP blocks these websites by the adding restrictions to its DNS(Domain Name System). So you need to update your DNS IP to public DNS. Now when you try to open a page, the request is made to the public DNS than your ISP’s DNS.

How to update the DNS settings?

  1. Click on the Start button > Control Panel > Network and sharing > Look for the connected connections.

  2. Open the connected connection.

  3. Click on the Properties button as shown in the figure below.

    4. Now you need to click on the Internet Protocol Version 4(check the figure below to avoid any confusion).

    5. Another window pops up. Change the DNS server address like in the figure.

The table gives you the most popular public DNS.

DNS Provider

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS



Norton DNS

Comodo Secure DNS


Hope you are able to open all the blocked websites.
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