Ubuntu Linux version is a very stable Linux version for desktop and server edition. Ubuntu has made itself more user-friendly with the addition of more attractive graphics. There are a lot of features which makes you fall in love with Ubuntu. It is an open source Operating System, so it is free to use it.

I use dual-boot to use two Operating System in my computer. There are conflicts many times as this may corrupt the boot file. But this may not be the reason for you to stop using the dual-boot system in your computer. There are times when boot failures occur. Last time when I installed Ubuntu on my system via WUBI, it was a memorable moment. It asked me to update the softwares after the installation of Ubuntu, once the softwares was updated. Then Ubuntu asked me to reboot the system, as soon as I rebooted the system it gave me the Ubuntu Grub rescue prompt(as shown in the Image below).

I tried most of the commands I knew. But the boot brings me to the Ubuntu Grub rescue prompt which did not give me any solution to boot up with any Operating System neither Windows nor Ubuntu. Finally decided to fix the Master Boot record file which will update the boot file.

Steps to update a Master Boot Record:

  1.  You will need a Windows bootable CD or DVD. For Windows XP you need to get into recovery mode(which you can find while performing Windows XP installation steps). In Windows 7, select the recovery mode(select Manual recovery rather than automatic recovery option).
  2. bootrec.exe /fixmbr (fixing the Master Boot Record)
  3. bootrec.exe /fixrec (changing the boot file record)
  4. exit

Reboot the system, and you will be redirected to the Windows Operating System again.

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