Facebook is an addiction to most of us. Now when Facebook introduced its new web interface called Timeline, which is only limited to view your profile or your Facebook page. There are many web apps which mostly rely on Facebook and use all your data via Facebook and try to give you a better experience with Facebook.

Came across a new web app which can be accessed only via Facebook and allows you to give a Facebook Timeline interface to check your friends photos and videos. This is application is inspired by Facebook Timeline and is more like Pinterest interface. As more and more users are addicted to Facebook, this application called Friendsheet is giving you easy and better interface to be more social among all your friends. As Pinterest is a success it also allows all such features to be used in it. It gives options of liking the status and commenting on it.

Once you allow to app to sync with Facebook, it will start giving the latest upcoming updates to be viewed in its interface. In the settings tab it gives you the option to hide captions, hide comments and you even hide fan pages. You can view you albums in the Timeline view. The photo gets zoomed when click on it and it also zooms in the same Facebook photo zooming pattern where you can add your comments and like the photo.

You just need to scroll down to get more and more updates. If you are bored with using Facebook’s old interface then you should definitely try Friendsheet as the look and feel of the interface gives more option to stay on the page and check for the latest buzz and updates done by your friends. It is very easy to use and understand the Friendsheet interface.

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