Mobile phones are an addiction to few and a need for them who don’t have it. It is a craze to get a Mobile phone which is fancy and the latest of all, if the Mobile number is easy to memorize then there is no doubt it is the best. There is no such age groups who use Mobile Phones as it comes with lot of features for multipurpose Online Gambling use. As it has games, applications, camera and many other things which makes most of the users a tech lover.

The rising usage of Mobile Phones are making life simpler and better but on the other hand it is losing the value for our life and money according to the Indian stats conveyed in this Infographic. The day starts with the alarm on the Mobile phone and ends with a Good night message to all the dearest friend. Now that is my story!

Check out the Usage of Mobile phones in the world as every users tries to get the maximum out of every penny spend on it.

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