India is a country of mobile savvy people and very low data rates, making it one of the biggest markets for mobile advertisers. And with more and more companies going with mobile marketing and mobile advertising, 2011 turned out to be a great year for many companies. According to the BuzzCity report for Q4, the top 10 countries now deliver advertisements of at least 1 billion per quarter. India, which captured the top position in the last quarter of 2010 held on to its position all year-long, serving more than 9.5 billion ad impressions in the fourth quarter itself.

The demand in Indian markets did soften up in the fourth quarter which narrowed the gap between top two nations, but this was not enough to push India down from the top spot. “We expect India to remain our largest country well into 2012, with its young, mobile savvy population, and very low mobile data rates” said the BuzzCity report.

With 44% of the mobile phone users living in the age bracket of 20 – 24 years, the platform was more than welcome by many companies advertising to reach out to the youth of the nation. Be it a game, application or software, everything people downloaded on their mobile was used as a medium to communicate. The most downloaded applications were the ones which were free, thus giving the companies more reach and even more visibility (usually an advertisement pops up after each level/chance/round and blocks the screen for 5 seconds on an average).

Glamour and Dating sites(39%) got the maximum share of hits, followed by Mobile content (31%).

Mobile search portal services got the lowest share of 3%.

Nokia (61.55%) was found to be the most used handset company while surfing.

Forecast 2012

The mobile industry is volatile and constantly changing. But, based on the statistics of previous years, some of the predictions that can hold true in the year 2012 are:

1. No more OS favouritism

Developers and brands have started understanding that targeting a particular operating system and/or a particular device reduces their reach and they tend to miss out on a bigger target audience. Thus, brands will be focusing more on the size of the target audience instead of the OS they are using. HTML 5 is also entering the developer market, and it will not only bring a new dimension to create apps, but also better reach, as mobile phones can access these apps without downloading any particular app loader.

2. Tablets are a different species altogether

It was predicted that Tablets will take over the world and use of PCs and smartphones will go down, which has not happened yet, and neither will it happen anywhere in future. Reason? Tablets have their own pros and cons, and they are a different product altogether which cannot be compared PCs or mobile phones. As said in the BuzzCity report, “A new ecosystem is forming along with new media consumption habits. This is likely to be unveiled in 2012 via mobile / games”.

3. Small businesses have a new domain to market in

More and more small businesses are turning to Social media and mobile marketing to gain visibility and share of mind. The main aim for these businesses would be to take advantage of m-commerce opportunities particularly in emerging markets.

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