Most of us know how to burn a CD/DVD. It can be done easily in windows or use softwares like Nero. Which gives you option to burn a CD/DVD. This blog is dedicated for my few friends who keep on asking me how to burn a ISO image. It is little different from burning a usual CD/DVD but it is not that tough to learn.

ISO image is (International Organization of Standardisation) which can be termed as a archive file. These kind of files are mainly used when you are making any bootable file. In simple terms, these are mostly setup files for Operating System installation or installing Games on your computer.

There are many ISO burners available, but which I feel most easiest of all is Free ISO burner. It is free and easy to use. You need to download the patch from the site and  install it. Now when you launch the application after installation, you can locate the ISO file by clicking on the OPEN button. Don’t forget to insert a CD/DVD according to the size of the ISO image. Hit the BURN button and after a few minutes according to the size and computer resource it will automatically eject the CD/DVD in your DVD writer tray.

Try this and let me know your experience. If you missed the link, click here to download the Free ISO burner.

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