Social Media today has become a part and parcel of our lives. Let it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or for that matter, any other social networking website, we are so accustomed to living our life around these that a day without these sites feels like an incomplete day. And this is the reason why more and more companies are using these sites to reach out to their customers. (Click here for reddit upvotes)

But even though more than 50 percent of the Social media users interact with the brands they follow, many companies are still not using this media to reach out to their consumers. And this list majorly consists of companies in real estate sector.

“Why should we use social media when most of our dealings take place on one-to-one basis?” is the first question which is asked by a company in the real estate sector. But the companies seldom know that most of their target audience uses social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and their image is very much affected by the same.

A company, especially one in real estate, should have its presence felt online, not only to attract the customers but also interact with them, generate new leads and maintain a visibility.
Some social media presences a real estate company must have are:

1. LinkedIn – With more than 135 Million users worldwide, LinkedIn is a networking site for serious interactions. A company page and LinkedIn groups will not only encourage people to interact with the company, but also create new leads for sales.

2. Twitter – One of the fastest growing sites, Twitter is a must have for all real estate companies. This microblogging site has seen a lot of opinions and interactions, be it the Anna Hazare campaign or Suhel Seth commenting on a review of his book. This site will not only help the company interact and monitor its following, but also help in disseminating information to a large number of audience through chain reactions(information getting promoted from person to his followers, some of which retweet it, to share it with their followers).

3. Facebook – India ranks as one of the biggest user of facebook, with a majority of people ranging from the age group of 18 to 50. Even though the age group id to vast to be targeted directly, people from this age group either are the ones who take the decision, who search for the best available projects and or the ones who have a say in decision making. Thus, connecting with them can be of a lot of help.

4. Blog – One of the best way to share information is a blog. The better kept the blog, better the response and interaction. A good blog about the company, upcoming projects can be of both visible and invisible support to the companies.


Once the above said accounts/pages, etc have been created, the first thing that should be done should be interlinking all of them in order to create a web of network. This will not only help in generating and rotating information but also maximizing its reach.

Also, DO NOT FORGET to ask your employees to use the social media. More than 75% of the employees have something good to say about the company, but only 19%* express themselves online. A good step can be to allow the employees to connect and talk around the company on social networks. The employees can then be of help in creating content and disseminating information across various network groups online which in turn can increase your visibility online and offline.

A Case sample of what happened online recently:

While the DB Realty case took place, the owners and firm were trending topics on twitter, with tens of thousands tweets being published against them. The same thing was happening on Facebook, where people and online portals were sharing articles on the developments on the DB Realty case.