Recently Google Chrome came up with new extension, which helps you to share any computer desktop if you have Chrome browser and new Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed in it. With this new Chrome extension you can remotely access the computers by capturing the desktop.

This was the smart move by Google because it is a multi platform tool which gives you a option to access the desktop remotely in any OS which has Chrome browser installed in it. So it works on Windows, Linux, Mac and of course Google’s own Chrome OS. With this extension Google has given a tight competition to softwares like Teamviewer. Though this extension is around 20MB to download it works great. Performance may not be good if your Internet connection drops frequently.

Right now it is in the beta version so its free to use. As its a Google product you need to login with your Google credentials to use the services. It will give you the access codes to share your computer or will give you a option to take access of another computer.

Click here to get Remote Desktop extension for Chrome.

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