We use email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express etc. to download mails from web mail or Exchange servers. Email clients download the mails and give you a mail in proper document format. When anyone sends large mails to your Email ID the Email client takes long time to download the attachment it chokes down the Microsoft Outlook. The best part is when the Internet link drops and the mail download is about to finish, at that moment we have to sync with the webmail or exchange servers again.

I use Microsoft Outlook as my email client. I often have to check the web mail and download/delete the mail, only if when I get to know that I have received a heavy mail. Now, to prevent such situations you need to define a filter which could block the large attachments and shows the origin of the mail.

You need to follow few simple steps –

  • Choose Tools – Options – select the Mail Setup tab.
  • Click the Send/Receive rectangular button – select the group on the left, then select the Edit button.

When you have set a filter for you large mails, it will download only the Header files. I have set the filter to 5000KB which means Microsoft Outlook will block the attachment more than 5MB. When clicked on that mail it will give you various options like delete the file directly from the server or download the full mail with attachment etc. Choose the option which is suitable for you.

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