Few missing features have been added to Facebook recently. Many times you have to work on documents but you have no other option than using Google Docs(online solution) or MS Word installed on your system(offline solution). So you miss the real fun of sharing the documents with all your friends on Facebook.

To complete the missing features and to compete with Google for Google Docs, Facebook has joined hands with Microsoft for its own document sharing. It has all the features that you can get in your Microsoft Word. You can create Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents with this feature.

www.Docs.com, is a solution to share the documents with all your friends on Facebook. Apart from creating Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents with it you can even make your Resume, create a Photo show by adding all your Facebook photos and can even analyse the friends you have added in your list. You can even share the documents with Facebook pages. It asks for access only if it has to retrieve the information from your Facebook profile. Though its a Microsoft’s site it doesn’t ask for Live ID authentication, it takes Facebook’s log in credentials automatically.

Things to be noted:

  • You should have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your system to get a better performance of Facebook Docs.

  • This site is on the beta version so privacy option should be taken care of.

  • Does not support multiple users to access the document at a time .

Click here to visit the site and start sharing the documents with your friends on Facebook.

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