When we try to explain something to others we often use diagrams, drawings, charts, maps, symbols, signs, flowcharts etc which could help us to make the data more precise and understandable by others. Infographics are graphical information of data gathered together in a simple image. This graphical image is the mixture of all the knowledge added to the research work done.

Another point which adds to your information, is the designing part. Without a good design, you will not be attracted to the information others are willing to share. All these things come together with Infographic.


Recently www.visual.ly is launched, which helps you to share or create your own Infographic. It helps you to express yourself with web based data. Visually has its own application which compiles all the data required for Infographic and gives you the required output.

Visually has a widget which can give you a rough idea to know, how Infographics can help you. This is a twitter enabled widget which compares you with another celebrity and gives you the Infographic of the analysis done.

The things seen visually helps us to recall the information more quickly than our conversations. So express yourselves www.visual.ly.