Being a leader in search engine, Google came up with next level of social networking in which it added many features and brushed few old options in a new interface. I still remember when I had to wait for my Gmail invitation, same thing goes with Google Plus. Without a invitation you won’t be able to use Google Plus features. As Google owned Orkut was not a success in the online market, it had to bring something to compete with Twitter and Facebook. This came up with Google Plus.


GooglePlus features are –


+ Circle:

Google Plus Circle is a feature in which you build up your contacts and group them. There are few groups which are already available like Friends, Family, Acquaintance, Following and you can even create your own named Circle. What you need to do, is to drag and drop the listed or add a new contact to any of the Circle. Once the Circle is formed, you can send your updates to the specified group.


+ Profile:

Google Profile is the old feature added to Google Plus. This features is basically the about us page for your Google ID. When clicked on Profiles it shows the recent post you have shared, About page gives all your details like introduction, occupation, education etc. It also shows all your photos which has been added to your Picasa, your uploaded videos, updated Buzz status and all the pages you have +1(all the web pages recommended by you).


+ Photos:

This option shows all the updated photos in your Circle. If you are using any Android phone or tablet, you can share the pictures directly clicked from your Android device. You can start using it by adding your mobile number and verifying it. Also shows all the photo update from you and your Picasa album.


+ Stream:

At the home page you will find all the updates of your Circles streaming up. You can also update your status, video, or any link and selecting the Circle you want to view your updated status. You can promote any one’s update you like by clicking +1 option. Can even share others status.


+ Sparks:

This is the solution to the problem when you have nothing to share in the Circle. In Google Plus Spark you can add up areas which interest you the most. When you search with interested topics it basically shows all the Google searches results which are recommended by others and shows you what you want. Now you have various things, of your interest to share.


+ Hangout:

This is another feature which added another reason to use Google Plus. Google Plus Hangout is a widget which allows you to make video calls with the people in your Circle. You can easily add upto 10 users at a time and broadcast yourself.


Let me know by dropping a comment if you have not got a Google Plus invite yet.