Real time search results shows the live feeds of the updates people do. It includes all the topics trending in the world. Real time web searches are the most recent search results. When we talk about the normal or the traditional searches which Google, Yahoo and Bing do. It is a part of the research algorithm the search engine does the specific results on the topic, but it is not the current updates.

Check out the list of Realtime Search Engines –

1.  Yourversion

This search engine gives a customised view of your real time searches. Gives us the many areas to check the recent updates like Twitter, Blogs, news etc.


2. Topsy

Another tool to get the real time view of the recent updates. You can even do a photo and experts search.


3. Kurrently

Gives all the search results which includes Twitter and Facebook updates.


4. Icerocket

A powerful search engine which searches the recent recent Blog, top stories in news.


5. Whostalkin

This search engine gathers all its real time searches from Backtype, WordPress and various portals and is basically meant for social media searches.