You might have used the yahoo chat rooms, which was once a huge hit in its initial days. In those chat rooms you have access to all the rooms which were used to share ideas, discussing about different product and current issues. I even know, that a lot people were addicted to it because am one of those.


At that time I often used to think that can I have my own chat room, to beat Yahoo messenger. But what if, you don’t want to add the user to your friend list. You have to bear those users. As searching to such things I came across one of the best service by which you can create your own chat room. Share it with all your friends and even talk to some good friends in a separate tab. Fix a time to chat among your group of friends, and share the link. Once you have shared the link they can access the link and start their chat sessions.


The best part is that you can embed the chat session on your website, blogs and discussing forum and it’s absolutely free to use. So there is no limitation of creating the chat rooms and add as many users you wish to add by sharing the link.


Click here to start your own chat room.