When we think of search engines, we expect that our search should be precise, optimized and with accurate results. The specialized search can be achieved after a long hours of research, to actually what we are searching. There is lot of terms which would be added to our research.

I went through DuckDuckgo : you can find this site here


This has really very cool features like:

Specialized search options: When you need to do a search on specific topic you can actually select them, from the scroll bar. It displays most searched sites or actually the search category in which your search might include.

Zero click info: Its displays the most recent answers which are mostly used in real time. The most reviewed websites for your queries. Zero click info is used by most of the search engines to give a basic idea for your query in short snippet.

Direct Search: You can do a direct search from the popular websites by selecting that particular site. You can even use the !bang command, which does the detailed the site search. Check the full list of sites on DuckDuckGo.

Available Tools: It also offers many official and unofficial tools which gives easy access to DuckDuckGo. This includes various apps and extensions which work as an add-on to the search. Tools for DuckDuckGo.

Easy accessible Goodies: You can even find goodies which are easily available. It gives various goodies like color combinations, html character codes etc. Try goodies.