Internet is too vast. There are many loop holes which are often used to hack into the user accounts. These can be the tricks which you are not aware off. So be updated to face this kind of the trouble when you use internet.

What is phishing?

It is a way by which you can steal the login credential details of the user. It is a fraudulent effort, to gain the access of your account. In phishing hacker makes the similar website of which he/she wants to get access for and host this website to a hosting site. Sends a mail to your email ID to reset your password which requires your credentials to be updated. When you do so, your login details are passed to the hacker’s email.

How does it affect you?

Phishing is done used to get access of your email ID, banking details, social networking etc. once the hacker has gained the access he can tamper your account easily. He can change your password, send email to anyone, and transfer your money from your bank account.

How can you know your account is hacked?

Whenever someone has opened your account and messed with it, you will get to know the behavior of the hacking. Might have send mails to friends, have abused your friends or deleted your mails. When any banking account is hacked in worst case, you will find your money has been transferred or any online purchases have been made. In Gmail there is very cool feature which shows the last login details and you can log off if you have logged in somewhere else too. You can find this link at the end of the page named Details with your recent IP address.

Avoid hacking through phishing.

Do not open all the links which you receive from any not trusted sites or emails. If you check your spam or junk folder in your mailbox you will find the mail with phishing mails only. Even if the mail has come from your friends ID or any trusted site, try to recognize the email ID or the website it is redirecting you to update your credentials. Mostly similar names are used in phishing website like ‘’ for Use an anti-phishing tool, which gets installed in the browser and detects the sites which use phishing. These can be of anti-virus softwares or any third party tools.

Tools for anti-phishing in browers are :

Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome