If you are a Google user, many times we do search for various things in Google Search Engine. And it often happens we realize the value of search after closing the window or after few days. By the time we have lost the contents and the research we have done in gathering the data. The keywords are also dropped from our mind. We have to do the full search again, gathering the required data and omitting the data which is not useful.

There are two ways to search for the history files (which is often realized once full search is done from scratch).

First method is to go the browser history files by pressing CRTL+H there we can have all the details of the website which we opened, but checking out the only those particular site is little difficult.

Google Web history

Second way is to search your Google History but this works only if you have enabled this option. You can find it in a sorted manner otherwise you can even do a search in your web history. It keeps record up to a month of your Google Search.

Google History

W​eb history search can be done in terms of your normal web search, images search, news search, products search, blogs search etc. It can also provide you the consolidated graph according to your searches done.

If Google history is not enabled. Start Google history service.