Windows started off with DOS (Disk Operating System), which worked on Intel x86 machines. Microsoft DOS was fully CUI (Character User Interface) and when you need to run a program you need to actually type in the commands. Later Microsoft introduced GUI (Graphical User Interface) which made the Microsoft operating system user friendly.

Microsoft introduced many Operating Systems but the Console to control the kernel is in DOS and is managed by Command Prompt. You can open the command prompt by clicking pressing Windows key + R (shortcut for the RUN window), and type CMD and press OK.

PowerCMD is useful for Windows Systems and Server Administrators. This tool gives a flexible environment to work on Command Prompt. You can add Command Prompt windows rather than opening new CMD windows. Monitor the window while working on other CMD windows. The best part of this utility is users can close and restore the same sessions. Users can switch between multiple windows and can customize the window view.

You download the tool: PowerCMD