Candy Crush being an addictive game which goes viral on Facebook by sending notification to all friends is backed up by online game major For users who play the game, the notification keeps popping up on friends notification bar who are connected with us on Facebook. Candy freaks ask for extra lives to continue the game and reach next level but for users who do not play the game, it becomes an annoying thing to keep rejecting the notifications

Games like Candy Crush, Farmville, Texas Hold’em Poker and Mafia Wars keeps the user more active on Facebook by making them addicted to such applications/games than allowing them to use Facebook for social networking.

Here are few steps to stop all the annoying game notifications from spamming your Facebook notification bar. When any user sends you the request, your account by default will start rejecting these notifications.

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How to block Candy Crush?

  1. Click on your Facebook notifications.
  2. Spot the Candy Crush notification.
  3. Click on the close button (X).
  4. Turn off the notification from that app.

How to permanently block all the Candy Crush notification on Facebook_buggingweb

Apart from that, one should also go to notifications option (setting > notifications) of your Facebook account to check which all applications can access your account. You will find a bundle of applications which you can uncheck and get rid of the unwanted applications and games notifications.

You can block such application request on Facebook, to keep your profile clean and safe. There are also possibilities of application getting the control of your Facebook account when it’s not from the trusted source. If you face such situation you can report about those applications on Facebook and take a step to prevent such malicious activities .

Social networking and social media should be used to keep us connected with our friends with their activities, interest and current views than annoying each others with spam and irritating activities online.

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