Social messaging apps has replaced traditional use of SMS’s (Short messaging services). Telegram is another messenger app which is similar to WhatsApp and Line. When used in Android device it works same as WhatsApp but has various additional features. Telegram is an open source, secure and absolutely free application which is available in Android, iPhone and will be available for Windows phone by the end of January 2014.

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Telegram is a WhatsApp clone but secure free and cloud based_1_buggingweb

When Telegram is installed, it works same as other messaging apps by verifying your mobile number and accepting the random code sent to your mobile number. Telegram then retrieves contacts from your phone book to check who all are using this application in contact.

Telegram works on an end to end encrypted platform which is highly secure. To give the better experience for users, Telegram has added a Secret Chat feature which helps to chat with anyone in your contact without any track. Secret chat don’t even leave any logs in their cloud server about the chatting information. All the information used with Secret chat are deleted and the transmitted in an encrypted format. There is an option of self destruct which works on a timer and deletes the message after specified time.

Telegram is a WhatsApp clone but secure free and cloud based_BuggingWeb

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Telegram works on cloud platform, which helps you to store all the content, chats, images and videos on cloud environment and can be retrieved anytime. Since, Telegram has a multiple devices support you can get the data shared on other devices too. While using any other social messaging apps like Whatsapp or Line whenever you share any media it will be deleted if removed from your phone memory. But with Telegram even if you delete all the media which you shared, it will be available in cloud.

You can add upto 200 people in a group chat and share files, photos and videos. You can send upto 1GB of videos via Telegram but please make sure you are not sending this with your activated Data Plan otherwise it will pinch your pocket.

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Why would you switch to Telegram?

Secure: Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp. Better encryption formats.

Cloud: Do not lose your data when you deleted any photos or videos from your phone. Telegram offers free unlimited cloud storage for all the message and media.

Privacy: Better privacy with no third-party access.

Support: Save the Telegram support number 333 and get real-time support for all your issues with Telegram.

100% Free and No Ads: Telegram is a free app and do not sell any ads nor do have a subscription fees.

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