In my busy robotic schedule, I often think of creating a list where I could record everything I wished in my life. Wishes are to be fulfilled and am sure you all do a very good research before you buy any product or explore a new place to travel. Then I must say you can do this more easily by knowing the people who use it or been to that place which is already there in your wish list. That may be users review, suggestions or details about the same. Wishberg is exact thing you should try to create, build and record your achieved wishes.

Wishberg - a platform to create a wish list

You can login to Wishberg easily and choose the things you wish, and connect to other users who are either using that product or planning to buy that product. In such a way you can share ideas about it and get to know more about the product. This also applies to the places you need to explore, there are many users who has already visited those places and shared their experience about the place which include food you can get, hotels you can stay and travel the best places from your wish list.

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In Wishberg, you can find various categories like Gadgets, Men’s fashion, car and bikes, travel, food and beverages, personal goals and many more. This helps you to sort your wish list. If your wish is not present in the list you can easily create your new wish and add to the list. With the availability of social sharing options you can easily share your wishes with your friends. Social sharing may also help you to plan a trip with your of friends.

The best part is that with the help of Wishberg, you get to know about the real-time opinion and suggestions of the users using or may have experienced your wish. This is a great help for users to know and plan the things accordingly. When similar wishes come together, users can meet up with different people with same thoughts and make friends. You can like others wish and guide them accordingly.

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Being a reviewer, this startup has good scope as it is focused on getting users interest which may help this startup to grow further. The data fetched with this app is very helpful for marketing purpose. The concept of marketing involves when people wish by liking the product and finally inspired to buy things accordingly. The data is very useful for the marketing companies who wish to reach out to their audience as per their need and likes. Best example would be Google Ads, which works in a similar way that users get only those ads which are always related to their search in internet.

Feedback for Wishberg.

  • Every wish can have a direct link to the product or travel planner for users(which can be customized accordingly as per users need).
  • Being a startup, Wishberg need investments which can add affiliate marketing in its business model.
  • With all the festive seasons coming, users can gift a wish for friends and family via email notification which will also be helpful to increase the user base for the Wishberg.

I hope you will pin all your wishes and complete them all with Wishberg.

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