When there is light, there is vision and when there is vision there is change. Darkness can be felt, but can be removed with light and only light. There are still many changes which needs to be implemented, when Luminous Power Technologies connected with Global Himalayan expedition and planned to explore the areas of Ladakh and brighten up the city with lights.

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Yes, there are places where electricity still needs to be reached and to make life simpler. This time Luminous Power Technologies connected with Global Himalayan expedition and connected with the local communities to light up the lives of people who have never witnessed any artificial light apart from the natural moonlight.

Being closer to nature, most of Ladakhi has countless stories of survival and endurance to share. This expedition was aimed to understand the inspiration behind the way people face struggle for survival and setup the World’s third E base at Ladakh. With such kind of expeditions people who are used to their routine lives, get to know about the things which they miss and what can be done to improve the way of living.


One of the great impact of this expedition and the setting up of World’s ‘Third E-Base’ in Ladakh can be measured with the interesting tale of Sumda Chenmo Village and the transformation. The initiative to bring light to Sumda Chenmo village is a part of larger community initiative – the Global Himalayan Expedition aimed to set up the world’s 3rd Education Base (E-base) in Ladakh. Sumda Chenmo Village in Ladakh is an inaccessible place where electricity is yet to reach. It is situated amongst treacherous plains which is only accessible on foot as a two-day tiresome hike from Hinju. It is here that the village life ends at sunset with the residents retiring back to their respective homes. But with Luminous Power Technologies aiming to remove darkness from the lives of people across the country, Sumda Chenmo was not far from lights which would brighten its nights.

Luminous by its engaged power solutions has empowered the creation of a window for future explorers to research on the environment and the Ladakhi landscape.