Doing check-ins whenever you travel and making claims when you reach your destiny is very cool thing. This became even more easy when Foursquare updated its application last year to get an easy access to reach its users and stay updated with places they visit. Foursquare gives energy to social media with its geo tagging feature which brings more place reviews, active conversation and  photo sharing.

Recently, Foursquare and Samsung added a new tool which gives a visual graphic stats of the places you visited and did check-ins. This graph is made with the first and last check-in you did and places you travelled with the kilometers you covered in the journey. From your data stored in Foursquare, it gives you an Infographic with the use of geo tagging platform used to get the details of your local travel.

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You can share your stats and details on social media platforms. There was 3 million check-ins recorded by Foursquare and on that analytics of data this app was built. The study of the users doing check-ins was used in the best manner by Blake Shaw who is Data Scientist at Foursquare. He also explains how the stats have been taken from various levels and implemented into this app. The final infographic also includes the longest route travelled, most frequently visited places, number of photos taken, total number of check-ins done in a year, number of batches earned etc.


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The pure visual effect works like a travel log for you which includes full details of the places visited with analytics. Usually you do not get Infographics on your data usage, but need to make such things and Foursquare made it easy.

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