Adding a best web domain name to your list is good, but only if you can maintain the domain properly. Domains are always considered as your online web property. Buying a domain with an innovative idea or for company profile or launching an application or may be the part of startups. I have noticed many times users buying a lot of domain names as a passion and blocking it and not maintaining it. Other things which needs little attention is that getting the same domain name with various TLDs(Top Level Domain) and getting it blocked is a bad idea. I mean to say for example you if have bought, many times users even buy, and also. But if you redirect all the other domains TLD to one primary website then its good. Mostly users don’t use other domains keep them unused.

But rather than blocking the domain names, you can even sell the domain names or full running hosted site to anyone. So, now I will be sharing how can you sell or buy any site which you like. There are many sites which offer the options to buy and sell website. Many of my friends even trade websites, they buy the website keep it and maintain the website properly and then sell it. By doing so, it adds credibility to the site by getting Google PageRank, Domain authority and many backlinks. This is primary source of income and a part of online marketing.

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How can you Buy and Sell domains and websites?

There are many places which help you to get the correct audience. Whether you are a buyer or a seller you can get the most from your websites. If you are buyer, you can check from the listing and if you are seller you can get your domain auctioned.

Flippa – This website is open for all the buyers and sellers. You can sell your website, blog or domain by setting an auction and when it reaches highest bid the website can be sold only after it gets approved by you. This is a very good way for online marketers to earn an extra income. The clean interface with easy options help you to setup the site for sale and can buy the auctioned websites. It also helps you to get the detailed option like Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking, Backlinks, verified Google Analytics etc if you are buying a website.

WebsiteBroker: is used mostly for trading the websites. This works the same model as Flippa. The sites are auctioned and interested buyers can approach the owner. For buyer, WebsiteBroker has categorized the websites which are on sale. You can select the niche from which you need to buy the website. Whereas, when you are selling a website you can even offer a 3 or 6 months support to the buyer in the areas you are willing to help the buyer.

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GoDaddy: This is a domain registrar which also provides option like buy or sell domain. If you searched for a domain, and the domain is not available but registered with GoDaddy. Then GoDaddy approaches the domain owner and lets the buyer know if the owner is interested to sell the website or not. Many times what happens is that, users buy domain from the GoDaddy and do not renew it. GoDaddy waits for few specified days after sending the renewal notification followed by the auctioning mail to the owner, if there is no response from the owner of the domain then the domain is auctioned for sale from Godaddy. You need to join GoDaddy, and check the list and buy accordingly. Since it is a registrar you can find a huge list domains availability.

FlippingEnterprises: This website helps the same way as mentioned above, but you get a dedicated broker to help you setup a sale for your domain, web application, or full website. Brokers even advise you with ideas to hit the maximum target audience and fast conversions. This way it helps you to make the things move little more faster and in the best way. Even buyers get the full details of the website they wish to buy and proceed accordingly.

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Sedo: most of the top domains are sold with Sedo only. If the domain is already taken you can inquire about that domain and if the owner is willing to sell the domain you can buy it. They also provide optimized parking domain templates for mobile, which helps you to provide better monetization ideas. It also provides flexible selling options like buy now or wait for best deal offered.

You can select the best way which suits you, accordingly you can plan to buy or sell domain, websites or blog. These days I have noticed that users are buying domain for their startups you can buy a domain of your wish and get it hosted with a good web hosting provider and start off with your work on the dream projects.

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