You may have your Internet address on which anyone can contact you with ease and that is your Email ID. You may have noticed many brands send you mails regarding their service or product on your mail ID. Since it is the best way to promote the products or services. These days email marketing is a buzz to promote your services or product and increase sales in your business network. Best way to notice email marketing is by checking your Inbox and am sure you might have received mails from various E-commerce sites. Mostly the way you receive newsletters, alerts, no reply mails are a part of email marketing.

Email Marketing is a good practice to show your aliveness by emails. The best part of emails is that, even if you missed to check the update on Website or on Internet but your daily update are available in your mailbox. This makes you understand what are new updates which you need to know and there is overall promotion of the service or the product. So email marketing is part of online promotion and a must need service.

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But there are few hurdles you face while sending mails to your users or customers. Adding all the Email IDs and sending mails to your visitors will block your email ID if you have a mailing list of more than 250-500 users which is defined according to the mail provider like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo. These rules have been added to reduce spam as the same content and data files will be circulated and delivered to the subscribed email IDs. So the mail providers make sure that you don’t get spammed with the promotional content.

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But bulk mailing are important to give you information about the product or services as an alert or newsletter. To run a campaign it is very important for bulk mailing solution. So to manage such things you need to collect mail IDs, who actually are interested to know about your service. So the mailing solutions should be able to give you an option to catch your own audience. There are many bulk mailing solutions and software available but you need to know about the software or service which is beneficial for you.

Mostly, when you use the bulk mailing solution you cannot send your mails in a plain or rich text format. HTML mail format is option given to the users to send bulk mails. This is becomes too hectic if you need to add the HTML links in the mail content. You need to add the HTML link one by one and cannot add any images which restrict your mails to be in customized format. When it comes to add hyperlinks on the web mail of the bulk mailing solution it becomes a bad experience for you when you have to send regular emails with links. Few bulk mailing softwares are also available but many work same as their web service, you do not have privilege to customize the content as per your need.

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To beat such a situation I would recommend you should go with services which gives you an option to send mails from an email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird. By sending mails from email client you can send any kind of formatted mails to your target audience. You can easily customize the mails with adding Images, Hyperlinks, formatting text and even with another API. Mostly Bulk Mailing Solutions do not provide options to send customized emails and is often difficult for users to access web formats for sending mass emails.

With the help Bulk Mailing Solution emails are delivered on time without reaching Spam or Junk folder. There will be a good response in the web traffic from your audience. Since the mails are not spam the response is often in a good way. Your clients are kept updated of the services you provide. This way it is always useful to opt a Bulk Mailing Solution.

Which Bulk Mailing Solution should be used?

There are many factors which should be noted while going for Bulk Mailing Solution. Firstly, you should be able to know the purpose you need to serve with mass mailing. If you need to send the usual alerts and newsletter any normal service will be fine. But if you want to send mails relating to affiliate marketing, many mass mailing service won’t allow that. So you need to choose the service provider accordingly. Secondly, you need decide what kind of emails will be sent from your account. I mean will the mails contain Images, Hyperlinks, sign up forms. Do you need to go with customized mail format? Then you need to go to some special SMTP providers only.

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I recommend, SMTP2Go as this service provides you an option to send mails from mail clients by providing you the SMTP IDs and port number. This makes easy to set up the emails and send mails to the huge user list. Spreading the information in the best way. You get a very good detailed report stats about the bounce back, number times the mail is opened, which all links are clicked on the mails, spam reports and know which all users from your list has unsubscribed you and invalid email IDs. If you deal with things like email marketing, running campaigns, affiliate marketing, send company newsletters and alerts then you can go with SMTP2Go mass mailing solution. This will be much cheaper for you. SendGrid works similar way, as these services are mostly used to bring heavy web traffic generation from emails. These often makes user to give only the information about your website and which makes subscribers to reach only the link you have provided on the email. SendGrid also gives you a detailed track report of the things which adds IPstats, Geo stats and that too in a very understandable graphs.

If you can go ahead with web mail services for sending campaigns you should note, you will be able to track every click and other report stats but the emails sent will be in HTML format. Aweber is used by many bloggers, marketers and for affiliate purpose. GetResponse works the same way the Aweber represents its form, the design and autoresponders which are the ways to catch your audience. Another which I prefer is MailChimp, this has a clean sort of interface and the best part of using this service is that it gives you to send free emails to up to 2000 subscribed user and a limit of 12000 emails per month. I have often heard that MailChimp do not promote affiliate links but according to them they only block blacklisted sites and IPs. The User Interface is more friendly with a good support of knowledge base. It works the same as other services mentioned above.

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