Following a phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign, Internet startup company SpaceMonkey has announced plans to bring the cloud into our homes.  Developed as a way to host and transfer information across the Internet, cloud computing has been a hot topic amongst Internet users recently.  Whilst many praise its speed and ease of use, a few have reservations about hosting their data on a service such as Google, as the company earns vast amounts of money from customer information.  Space Monkey hope to offer a solution by taking control back from the big Internet companies, and allowing users to host their cloud in their own home.

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What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is a term used to describe a network of computers, laptops, tablets, or similar devices that are connected via the Internet, and can transmit data instantly between each device without the need of a local server.  Commonly referred to as ‘The Cloud’, it allows those within the network to access information such as software programs remotely from their device, without having to actually download and store the software on their computer.  Cloud computing has received criticism due to the fact that many users have experienced slow download speeds whilst using the service.

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How Does a Personal Cloud Work?

SpaceMonkey’s personal cloud works by renting 2TB hard drives to every user for a monthly fee.  Half the storage capacity of the hard drive is reserved for the host, and half will be filled with other user’s data.  All the information stored on the hard drive will automatically be copied and broken into many encrypted fragments, and then spread out over all the devices in the network.  When users wish to download information it will be pieced together from all the devices closest to them in the network.  The concept is similar to peer-to-peer networks which allow file sharing in the form of torrent downloads.  To access the cloud, users must have a high-speed Internet connection, and details of your download speeds can be found in your Internet provider’s blog.

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What Benefits Can Users Enjoy?

Those who sign up to SpaceMonkey’s service will experience much faster download speeds than those offered by the public cloud, and as the network expands the rate will increase dramatically.  Users will also have complete control over their data, and will not have to worry about large companies selling their details to advertising agencies.  Hosting data in the users own home will be a much cheaper and more efficient way of transferring information between devices.   All the information shared will also be encrypted, so users can rest assured that all their personal information will be secure.

Internet startup companies are springing up all over the country, and many are responsible for some of the most popular software currently available on the market.  One of the greatest advantages of the Internet is that small companies can achieve recognition and even funding through websites such as Kickstarter, and their ideas can now reach Internet users across the globe. As Space Monkey’s network of users expands, they will hopefully provide fast, secure data transmission that will offer a viable alternative to existing services. If you have an issue with your internet connections or with your computers you can check out mac repairs.

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