In the race of typing faster, there are many times spelling mistakes occur and termed as typo. Many new words has to be added to the dictionary which is not the part of regular conversations. Adding new words every time will be time-consuming and this may matter from profession to profession. I mean to say that if you are Lawyer, Doctor or an Engineer the terms or the words you use frequently may vary and every time you have to add the new words in the dictionary.

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Adaptxt is an Android Keyboard app which is available on Google Play for your Android powered smartphones and tablets. Adaptxt is backed up by KeyPoint Technologies, and offers support for 78 languages with the dictionaries. Adaptxt has added 6000 terms in its legal dictionary, 4000 terms in Finance, 18000 in IT terminology, 4000 terms in business and 15000 terms in online casino Medical dictionary. If users add these terms and words by typing, it would take around ten seconds whenever new term is being added. To increase the productivity the Adaptxt dictionary is updated itself with such terms.

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Check out the Infographics to understand how your Keyboard save you thousands. The time you install the app, it will ask you which Industry word types shall be added. Once you select the Industry type like  Law, Finance, Technology, Business and Medical the selected dictionary will be installed.

Typo can add a different meaning to your words. So additional safety is good while playing with words.

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