This time a leading computer and laptop manufacturer HP[Hewlett-Packard] has launched a service for the first time. With the rising consumer base, HP started with the HP connected music services. Which gives a full access to a database of 1 million songs.

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To start this service HP joined hands with Universal Music and for better results. All the new HP device which includes Laptops, tablets and PC with Windows 8 can use this service. With the launch of this service HP is coming closer to its users, as it allows users to download all their favorite songs from the HP online music portal. It gives the user a one touch approach with managed app available on Windows 8 tile screen. Since HP connected music is a new service, it will be available only for those users who has purchased the HP notebook after 1 February 2013.

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You get a wide range of option to listen to your favourite song as a good selection category is available like Classical, World, Pop/Rock, Jazz and Blues, Dance/Electro, HipHop. You can download the song you wish to listen and save it, so that you have an option to play it later. All the songs are downloaded in WMA(Windows Media Audio) format which can be played in latest Windows Media Player. The downloaded songs are in 128kbps bitrate which gives a good clarity sound. Mostly HP laptops are powered by Beats audio which also provides the speaker for smart phone.

The HP connected music site is very user-friendly and also gives an option to stream the songs in created playlist. This service also provides Radio options to play in songs by artists or genre. The News option gives all current news about all your favorite singers and musicians. Since HP connected music plays on demand music any kind of regional and international music can be searched easily.

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The only restriction about playing and downloading the music is that this service is free only for one year in India with HP devices and after one year a nominal subscription fee will be charged which is not yet finalized. Apart from that all the downloaded songs are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected, which means that the songs can be played only in downloaded HP notebook it cannot be transferred to any other laptop, tablets or phones. In future HP may bring some cloud solution to beat this issue. Since, HP has partnered with Universal Music only those songs are available which has Universal Music rights. But when you get a whole collection of songs you will love it for sure!

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