Internet is vast, and one can retrieve the data from one end of the world to another end with the help of browsers. With the coming up of data and information sharing on Internet, the meaning and the use of Internet has been changed with the time. Now the Internet can used for many purposes like social networking, social media, blogging, Q & A forums, entertainment, games, video sharing and many more. When options are more the chances of earning money online also increases.

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The best part of Internet is that you can access it only with the help of browsers. As the browsers are only interface which help you to get connected to your virtual world and share things online. There are other applications also which help you to connect to the Internet but in this post I  will be giving you more information about the browsers.


From the early stages of Internet, browsers were the only applications build which helped to be user-friendly and to retrieve information from Internet. So the primary platforms to earn money is to make a gateway to build browsers, you may have also noticed this is also a reason that you get bundled toolbar with other software you install. After installing the toolbar, your homepage changes to some custom search engine and more pop ups activated whenever you do any Internet search.

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You can even know more about the Evolution of Web. This can give you a good idea about how web changed and the browsers also developed by adding new features with the advanced code.

 How do Internet browsers make money?

Internet Explorer: this is an old browser, which had difficult time but now it’s slowly gaining the market share. IE comes with Microsoft OS, keeps on upgrading with new available OS so this makes the things simple to know that you are even paying to use IE. Microsoft has search engine BING and MSN which generates a good income, apart from that the Hotmail which is the free web email service. I have mentioned only few services which helps Microsoft to generate their revenue from advertising. Internet Explorer recommends only Microsoft products and services, which also keeps users dependable on their services.

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Mozilla Firefox: this project started with non-profit organisation but this does not mean to develop a browser they do not have any operating cost. Firefox is an open source project, the community has developed the browser well. The revenue generated is mostly created by the bundled search toolbar  which you can find in top right side of the browser. Now, to get into the toolbar the search engines need to pay money to Mozilla Firefox. If the search engines need to be default search engine, they need to pay more. This is main source of revenue for Firefox. In the toolbar you will find the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Twitter and Wikipedia. So all these search engines has paid money to get a place in Open source Firefox. Other than that Mozilla income will increase by next year, as it is also coming with Firefox OS for mobiles. In such a way, it could also add these features in mobile browsers too.

Google Chrome: Being a search engine leader Google has to come up with a browser. Google has kept this project as Open Source, so it could build a better browser for its users. Since it has a good support from Google, it often comes up with new things. Google keeps its services as default in Chrome and more compatible. That is why Google gives notification(more compatible with Chrome) when you use Google Docs in Internet Explorer. The main source of income for Google is the ads which are displayed on the search engines, blogs and websites. But the Google try to load the websites more faster and keep the searches clean by showing text and relevant ads. Let it be in Gmail or any Google search. Google gives improved performance with its own browser.

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Opera: this project is not Open Source but free to use. Opera’s developer tools are Open Source. I would say that the Opera is mostly used in mobile phone and tablet platforms. Being the major share in mobile and tablets platform, it joins up with ISP’s for their apps support compatibility in Opera browser. Even search result went from Opera are paid by the search engines. Opera becomes the default browser from the device manufacturers and other operators. With the cross platforms compatibility the ads can be showed in any device, I mean computers, mobile and tablets with various OS. This makes the advertisers more approachable to the browser.

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