When we use Internet, we all have many questions to share in such situations websites like Quora, Reddit helps to give us actual answers from various other users experience. Quora is one of the best knowledge sharing site, which is viewable by anyone in the Internet and help you solve your questions.

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Recently, Quora released an eBook which has few best Questions and cracked Answers to it. The questions are taken from various categories like Science, Life Advice, Professions and Careers and many more. This eBook has more than 100 Q&A which can help you to learn more. The questions added to the book are like How has our understanding of the universe changed in the last 100 years? and What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up?

Now, you might be thinking that How can Quora decide which is the best answers? Now, the simple answer is that it works same way as the Reddit works. Other users who read the question and answer up votes the best answered answer, which gives other users an idea of a good answer. Quora is also a social sharing site which works in Q&A form. It is very simple to use and get answers to your questions.

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Since you can’t find many ads on this site it feels like searching for questions for long time in its clean user interface. Most of the question I found are mostly updated and relevant answers are upvoted. Integrated with social sharing options gives you to share the Questions on social networking platforms.

Feel free to download the best of Quora eBook for free.

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