Using your talent at the best for any social impact, is really hard. Every one of us like to help ourselves but only few take a step forward to help others in the best possible ways. The one who takes this way, gains a special respect in society which others often miss to do.

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Rolex Awards for Enterprise is a global award which helps to motivate young innovators to lead the work they wish to serve for others. It can be related any field science and health, applied technology, exploration and discovery, the environment, cultural heritage. The awardees are selected by a jury who are international experts who themselves embody the spirit of enterprise that the Awards seek to promote.

This year, Rolex Awards for Enterprise has found an Indian young Engineer Sumit Dagar. Sumit Dagar has used his knowledge, skills and vision to remove the bridge to bring blind people more closer to the real world. Which will help blind people to experience the beauty of the ongoing world. Sumit Dagar wants to develop a Braille smartphone which will help blind people to adopt thing more easy with an interactive touch panel.

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Braille smartphone will be having many features like scanning of images and converting it to Braille prototype to capture the emotions in picture, advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) which can be a great help to locate places, can convert a text to Braille format which can be in a much readable form for blind people. Multilingual format gives a selection of the language they prefer to choose to use the smart phone.


This is an actual concept smartphone which Sumit Dagar is aiming for, to help blind people to remove the obstruction they face in their real life. Sumit Dagar wants to make the reach of the use and advancement of technology in the hands of people who actually need it much more than you and me.

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