Assembled PC are always preferred when you use computer at the best. You can easily customize the computer hardware according to your usage or need. Assembled computers are available in the markets, which leaves you a choice of going with the brand you want. If you have never built a computer then I would suggest for you to Use Reboot Computer Repairs to help you. The best part is that, an assembled PC always stays in your budget.


Basic things to build up your own Computer:

PC Case: The cabinet is the case which is the external body of CPU. Other computer parts will be covered up in this box. You should choose a good strong body for it. Otherwise, the body will have too much of dent after one year. Since the PC case will be protecting other devices to operate the computer, so it should be taken care off.

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Power Unit: It manages the power supply to all the devices connected to a CPU(central processing unit). You need to get a powerful SMPS(switched-mode power supply) accordingly. If you have planned to assemble a PC for gaming purpose or trying to build up a high-end PC, then I would always recommend you to go for a good and quality SMPS.

Processor: This always depends on the kind of work you will be doing on the system. If you will be working on heavy software  like to play on high end games or includes more time in editing the photography with high processing powered software then you shall go for processors like Intel i7 or AMD FX. I prefer you to go for Intel i5 which is pretty decent when it comes to work like updating social platforms, working on documents or presentation and browsing.

Motherboard: This should be bought little carefully as Processor should be supporting the Motherboard to give the maximum performance. If you are going for Intel processor then go for Intel boards only if you have any confusion about other processors. Look for the available ports which you wish to have on your computer like the DVI(Digital Visual Interface) or HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface).

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RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM adds a virtual space apart from permanent storage. It actually helps the dependant or supporting files to allot space when any application or program runs on the computer. So, this has to be bought according the usage of the work and the kind of software you work on. 4GB of RAM is preferred for normal work.

Hard Disk: This is your storage drive, so if you have lot of things to store you can get the hard disk accordingly. Normally 1TB of storage would do, but if you can have 2 X 1TB which will double your storage. If you have a low end PC then you should go maximum to 500GB of HDD, as computer will be doing indexing for the files and has to show files as per your click which may reduce the performance.

Graphic Card: Is preferred if you are going for a gaming PC or your software needs more of graphical space. This can be added when you think your processor may not perform well when lot of graphics is involved in it. Graphic Cards acts same as a RAM, but instead if files it manages the graphical processes. This may be little costly if you are going for a good one.

Optical Drive: This much needed to play a DVD or CD. You sometimes feel handicapped when you don’t have one. I know world is moving to the era of USBs but DVDs are also available in the market.

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Monitor: Go for a 18.5 inch monitor for normal use. Until much of your games need to have a good visual effect. You can even go for a bigger screen if you like to work on big screens.

Keyboard and Mouse: Go for normal keyboards than being attracted to fancy keys. Wired keyboard and mouse are more durable than wireless. Will have to keep on changing the batteries if you go for wireless options.

Speakers: 2.1 stereo is recommended when connected with computers.

Operating System: I recommend you to go for Open Source Operating Systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, LinuxMint etc as this may not cost you at all. If go for Microsoft Windows you need to buy the licensed copy from the market and required Microsoft Office software licences which will boost up the overall price of the machine.

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These are few things which you need to notice while building your own computer. Although if you need to repair, maintain or upgrade your computer, you can get the best service from PC Revive. I hope you like this article and let me know if you have any doubts.

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