If you are interested in reading books, there is a very easy way to get a copy of O’Reilly media publishers. When it comes to reading books online, you need to buy them online. If you have noticed books written on various technology or on programming languages are little costly.

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So O’Reilly media publishers bring a good deal to all the readers. They will be sending you the copy of a book, and in return you need to write a review of the book. You can choose a book which you want to read from the available O’Reilly media’s book list. This should not worry you much because O’Reilly insist you to give genuine feedback after reading the book whether it is a good or bad review.

After reading the book you need to post your review in 200 to 1000 words. You also need to give a backlink to the O’Reilly book’s web page when you have posted the review on your blog. Once you have read a book and posted a review, only then you will be able to get another book for a review.

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I hope you will enjoy reading books from O’Reilly Blogger program as I have already started reading a book.

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